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Brightening Max L Glutathione Skin whitening Capsules

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Brightening max skin whitening capsules

Though it is specially made for enhancement purposes, it can also be consumed as a standalone supplement. Brightening max  has Vitamin C in the capsules are highly bio-available blended uniquely with even more powerful and proven antioxidants, herbs and vitamins for the maximum possible results!



Brightening Max Skin whitening Capsules

You will get White and Fair skin. Brightening max skin whitening capsules will Lighten the dark spots. It Smoothens and whitens the skin all-over the body. Heals the Dark spots caused by acne and prevents pimples. Get Anti-wrinkles and Anti-aging. Makes skin look smooth, fresh and radiant.

Brightening max skin whitening products gives the skin an effect of full of natural glow throughout the day. these skin whitening products adapts to every skin, creating the perfect surface on the skin. It harmonizes with other skin care products, emphasizes make-up and facial features.
Perfect as an emphasis on natural skin or tan, or to brighten up the places that we want to emphasize: cheeks, forehead, tip of the nose, etc. It is an innovative emulsifier that is one of the ingredients of the cream, supports the moisturizing process, while giving the effect of silky skin.


1) Brightening max helps to  absorb, harness and make maximum use of Glutathione and other nutrients.

2) The Vitamin C, extracted from multiple sources, does well to enhance results on multiple fronts.

3) Other key herbs and nutrients brighten your skin even more.

4) Designed specially to work with Ivory Caps Skin Regimen.

Directions for use:

Brightening max L- Glutathione capsules contain 1000mg of serving per capsule. It has to be taken twice in a day after meal.

3 reviews for Brightening Max L Glutathione Skin whitening Capsules

  1. rashmi prakash

    Great product! People say skin whitening capsules are harmful. but its wrong! Brightening max skin whitening pills are the best pills you can ever use, these are natural products with No side effects. i recommend all to use this product. Thanks to Indian skin care for selling such products.

  2. Riya kapoor

    Nice product with Effective Results.

  3. Suvana John

    I’m very impressed with this product, I’m using it since last 4-5 days and it started it’s work my black spots started becoming white. It’s giving me even skin tone. i am in love with this product.

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