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De White Gluta Glutathiona And Natural Stemcell Soft Gel 30 Caps


De’White Gluta StemCells OverWhite 2 in 1 White Skin & Anti Aging 30 Caps.

De white gluta New Formula Nano Stemcell + Placenta has been improved and developed in order to response to the need for those who want to have a healthy skin with an effective ingredient of vitamins which enrich the skin.




De Gluta white is 100% natural glutathione & nano stemcell

Gluta De’ White is a Natural Whitening Dietary Supplement, it will generate and improve skin condition to become brighter both the face and body.

It helps to improve skin whitening, minimize pores, smoothness, regeneration of new skin cells, all dark spots, fine lines, rashes, and acne scars will be reduced, also increases collagen and elastin.

When you take gluta de’ White continuously for at least 4 weeks it will inhibit melanin to produce dark colour on the skin, finally your skin will be brighter.


* Makes your skin radiant and pinkish.
* It helps to remove dark circles and wrinkles
* Free from harm for all intimate areas, lightens dark spots like under eyes and under arms.
* Maintain a gorgeous complexion.
* Gives you clean and smooth skin.
* Does not contain disastrous elements
* Lighten skin tone
Directions To Use :

Take 1-2 caps Before Bed and 6-8 glass of water daily


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