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Dr. James Glutathione 1500mg Glutathione Skin Whitening Injections 5

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Glutathione is a beneficial substance in our body that is primarily produced in the liver. One of
the main functions of Glutathione is working as an antibody and assisting our immune system in
healing processes for example repairing raptured tissues after an injury or internal bodily
inflammations. The quantity of Glutathione, however, alters as one age that is; it decreases
gradually as we grow older, this also affects the duration of the healing process among other
factors. But it is given to older people via injections to keep them healthy despite the aging
Injection of Glutathione also helps in the disintegration of certain cells known as melanocytes
(They are the original cause of Melanin; a pigment that is found in every organism's body. Its
variation is dependent upon genetics) which are responsible for melanogenesis, a process which
allows an excess production of Melanin pigment.
This is caused by hormonal changes in the body. The process is prompted by an Enzyme called
Tyrosinase which speeds up the emulsion of melanin synthesis, which is the onset of

Dr. James Glutathione Skin Whitening Method:

The method that Dr. James process follows is a subtle injection of Glutathione in the bodies of
people affected by Melanogenesis. The further injecting of this substance inhibits the growth and
functioning of the enzyme Tyrosinase and thereby halts the pigment formation of Melanin.
Glutathione works by targeting the melanocyte cells that act as catalysts in Melanin formation,
hence by attacking the source Glutathione effectively removes the entire problem.
Glutathione also works as an antithesis to the defects of our daily life exposure to the ultra-violet
radiations from the sun, which is responsible for causing wrinkling of skin cells and withering of
natural skin color. By acting as a de-aging anti-oxidant agent Glutathione works in contrast to the
natural effect of the harmful sun radiations and subsequently brings about fairer skin color, bereft
of wrinkles, and other aging symptoms.

Furthermore, Dr. James’ dosage of Glutathione fights back other skin deficiencies like pimples
and which are caused by a surfeit of specific lipids in the skin. The appearance of acne is an
apparent scientific indication of lower quantities of Glutathione in our skin, So to nullify the
effect of the deficiency, a good dosage of Glutathione is injected which collides with the lipids
and in a short time completely rids the skin of any form of acne or pimples. Being a
scientifically approved anti-oxidant one of its other functions is to detoxify any harmful toxins,

by mitigating their main effects the Glutathione turns them into utterly harmless substances that
cannot damage the immune system. For example the during the toxin removal process via urine
some of the more harmful and toxic substances present in the waste material are hard to be
excreted, but an outside injection of Glutathione turns those toxins into a lesser, a more
preferable form that can easily be ejected and cannot cause any liver-related or abdominal
disease or inflammatory infection.

The process of darkening is caused by the surfeit of bodily exposure to the sun and hence UV
rays can cause the skin to blacken and make dark patches on more exposed body parts. The Dr.
James injection of Glutathione attacks the blemished site and attacks the newly formed Melanin
there and thereby returns skin to its former fairness. This process also whitens the skin depending
upon the given dosages.

Dr. James Glutathione injections are highly recommended by a large number of experts on the
subject. The skin whitening process works by targeting specific skin cells which synthesize skin
darkening pigments and lead to hyperpigmentation. This method works in subtle prescribed
injections of Glutathione which acts as an inhibitory enzyme whose main function is to restrict
further division of Eumelanin cells. Without a catalyst, the pigment production automatically
stops and skin darkening is mitigated. After the inhabitation finishes, the Glutathione further
seeps into the skin and turns the designated place yet fairer and cleaner than before.

Following is the Composition of the famous Dr. James Injections.

Firstly one box contains 5/10 sessions worth of injections and each vial contains 1500 mg of Reduced L-Glutathione Nano
Concentrated with the main components of
Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid) – 1000mg
Alpha Lipoic Acid (Thioctic Acid) – 300mg
Nano Concentrated Collagen – 200mg
Epidermal Growth Factor (EGF) – 100mg

Every user wants to know the benefits of these injections. Following are the some of the Benefits:
 It makes your skin deeply hydrated, rejuvenated, and deeply conditioned.
 It will help in diminishing the dark spots and result in clear skin.
 It helps with textural skin and helps you achieve bright and even skin tone.
 It reduces wrinkling of skin for older age users.
 It keeps your skin firm and reduces fine lines.

 It helps in the suppression of acne and pimples and gives an overall smooth look.
 Dr. James Glutathione 1500mg Skin Whitening Injection contains Multivitamins, a major
antioxidant that helps to make your skin look healthier.
 It prevents damage from exposure to sun and UV rays.
Like any other prescription Dr. James Injections also come with some Do's and Don'ts. It is
advised to use with your dermatologist's advice. People with vitamin allergies or any skin
diseases should not use these injections. Lactating mothers and pregnant should not take such
injections as injections have high Glutathione content.

Everyone ready to use Dr. James Glutathione injections must reach out to their physician and
dermatologist. These injections can be used by any skin type and fit for all gender and adults. As
per doctors, there are no side effects of using this injection, One should take an injection and
dosage per week as recommended. For the best result, it is recommended 1-2 injections a week,
but it always varies from person to person. Within three sessions depending on your skin type,
one can already feel the positive results of Dr. James Glutathione injections. For some people, it
might take 1-3 months for results. Always use Dermatologist advice and guideline to have the
best results.


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