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Garcinia 3000 extreme


Garcinia 3000 extreme (Best weight loss product)



Garcinia Cambogia
Extreme 3000 75% HCa

What is Garcinia Cambogia?

It is an extract from the Kudampuli tree, which is found only in Asia and Africa. In addition to helping weight loss, it is known to treat ulcers, improve digestion and some cases of arthritis, but the essential, is weight loss given that:

1. Decreases appetite: Helps eliminate fat cells

2. HCA (Hydroxycitric Acid) blocks the enzymes responsible for turning food into fat, so that instead of going directly to the adipose tissue, it eliminates them. In simple words, it prevents the formation of fat.

The higher the% HCa in a capsule, the greater the benefit. Ideally, they should have at least 60%.

Each capsule is 500mg so do not be fooled by some publications that say that they are 1000mg, since there refers to that with two capsules you reach that dose. The maximum dose is 6 capsules, or 3000mg. Ideally, take 1 or 2.


– Can reduce up to 5 kg per month.
– 100% natural product. No adverse effects
– Personally the consumption and is effective.



– Reduction in body weight
– Reduction in BMI (Body Mass Index)
– Significant reduction in abdominal fat loss
– Decreased LDL, or bad cholesterol
– Increased HDL, or good cholesterol
– Decreased levels of Leptin
– Suppression of appetite
– Increased serotonin levels (better mood and sleep)
– Decreased triglycerides
– Supports digestive function
– Supports lean muscle development
– Helps manage cortisol, stress hormone


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