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Gluta 200000mg Whitening Pills/strips

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Gluta 200000 Skin Whitening Pills :

Achieve flawless complexion with Gluta 200000 Mg Softgel whitening pills having an advanced formula that is made up of proven skin lightening ingredients which is great for whitening of skin, lightening age spots, dark spots, sun spots and blemishes. These pills contains super Aura active white plus lemon 20000 mg which has powerful Anti-Oxidant and Anti-aging properties that helps in decreasing hyper pigmentation giving you significant whitening results.
It also contains a mixture of Glutathione, Fibre, Vitamin C and other ingredients to provide you complete skin care solution. It works deep below your skin’s surface to naturally interrupt and block production of the dark skin pigment to achieve that flawless, airbrushed ivory-toned complexion you’ve been seeking.


Benefts :
· Removes scars, freckles, dark spots and marks
· Provides youthful and glowing complexion with powerful anti-oxidants and anti-aging elements like Glutathione.
· Gives a fresh, glowing ,clear and soft skin.
· Revives the skin by providing complete skin care solution with the removal of any kind of skin disorders.
· Protect your skin from harmful sun rays and shield it from coarseness & other environmental harms.
· By dealing with skin issues at the core, it also leads to stronger skin.
· It visibly minimizes the appearance of dark spots and pigmentations.
Directions For Use :
· Take two caps every day (one in morning after the breakfast and one at night after dinner) with water.
· These pills are not recommended for pregnant women or during breast feeding, elderly people or small children.
· For best results, regularly take the medicine for two to three months.
· One can find noticeable results within a week of usage.


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