Glutax 2000gs Advanced ReCombined White RNA Active Cells

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Glutax 2000gs superior recombined white RNA energetic cells 10 classes injection


Glutax 2000gs superior recombined white RNA active cells injection is the maximum excessive-quality, high dose And also glutathione skin whitening formula available in the market nowadays. and also the added oral booster facilitates maintain glutathione at excessive degrees for your body even between periods of treatment.

glutax2000gs superior recombined white RNA lively cells injection seeking out the most effectively-glutathione formula. and also your seek ends at glutax 2000gs advanced combined white RNA lively cells injection, and also which comes with high-dose glutathione and also vitamin c with oral gluten boosters!

And also being the #1 choice of spa and pores and also skin clinics all around the world, glutax enables you maintain-glutathione at high ranges for your body, and also even while you are not undergoing any skin treatment.

Ingredients of Glutax 2000gs Advanced ReCombined :

  • Multi diet: 3500mg
  • Collagen herbal: 800mg
  • Selene: 600mg and also
  • Recombined stem mobile: 600mg
  • Natural DNA & RNA extract: 2000mcg
  • Cyanocobalamin: 2000mg and also
  • Ultrafiltration glutathione: 2000g
  • Acido alfa lipoic: 700mg also
  • Epidermal increase factor: 2000mg
  • Acido cogic: 500mg and also
  • Pro coenzyme q10: 600mg
  • Cinnamomum sub venium: 325mg

Made in beginning u.s: Italy

Recommended dosage:

Intravenous iv infusion (drip) once a week.

For higher-end result contact your doctor

No longer suitable for:

  • breastfeeder and also
  • allergic reaction to vitamin (any kind).
  • pregnant lady and also
  • patient with a cardiovascular problem

** The end result relies upon individual metabolism.

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