Glutax 990000GH dualna hydra whitening

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GLUTAX 990000GH DUALNA HYDRA WHITENING 4 sessions glutathione injection

DNA/RNA Hydra Multivitaminco 180000mg
DNA/RNA Hydra Collagen 9000mg
DNA/RNA Hydra Selenio 5000mg
DNA/RNA Hydra White Elements 5800mg
DNA/RNA Recombined Stemcell 1880mg
(Multi Fruits And Plants Stemcell Extract)
DNA/RNA Hydra Gluthatione 990000g
DNA/RNA Acido Alfa Lipoico 9000mg
DNA/RNA Epidermal Growth Factor 12500mg
1) Whiten and moisturize the skin
2) Soften and smooth the skin
3) Make the skin more radiant and radiant
4) Tighten and strengthen skin tissue
5) Reduces fine lines and wrinkles on the skin
6) Eliminating Age Spot
7) Reduces pigmentation and spots on the skin
8) Increase energy in the body
9) Healthy all organs in the body
10) Increase the immune system
11) Maintain Liver health and Improve Sleep Quality
12) Flatten uneven skin tone
13) Maintain skin firmness and elasticity
Not Suitable for:
  •  Breast feeder
  • Injection on women period
  • Allergy to vitamin (any kind)
  • Patient with cardiovascular problem
Once a week (iv / drip)
Country origin:
Packaging :
1 box 4 x drip


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