Neutro skin pomegranate whitening antioxidant

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Neutro skin pomegranate whitening antioxidant

Components and dosage

  • Glutathione pomegranate extract-12000mg
  • Coenzyme-q10-150mg
  • Egf-300mg
  • The two-ml ampule shape contains 300mg of kojic acid and 20mg of a vegetal placenta. the 5ml ampule incorporates 250mg of
  • herbal collagen extract, 150mg of diet-e and 600mg of ascorbic acid.

Course for use

An experienced and also legal skin professional has to manage the settings in keeping with the endorsed dosage. consumption in some other form of self-management had to be strictly prevented. the remedy must be continuous and consistent. the skin specialist can also alternate the dosage and period relying on the skin and also the fitness situation of the man or woman.

The way it works?

Glutathione pomegranate ingredient is strong sufficient to trade the physiological conduct of melanocytes and also their receptors in the epidermis and also the basal layers. and also by using suppressing the brown and black pigment and improving the whitening pigments, the product can remodel every cell and also the tissue of the pores and skin to the fair complexion with glowing results.

Shielding protects creation over the dermis layer can prevent the penetration of UV and also the formation of loose radicals. elimination of oxidation suppresses the regrouping of the prevailing black and also brown pigments at all the sections of the skin. innovative pores and also skin whitening is accompanied by an increase in collagen and also anti-oxidants.


  • Unique pointers/eating regimen
  • 150ml of citric (orange or lemon) juice without sugar every 3 hours and also
  • 250gms to 300gms of the watery and also result as soon as in few Days
  • Abstinence from alcohol and also smoking
  • 150gms of meat /180gms of fish/100gms of poultry meals on trade days
  • Masses of inexperienced-leaf veggies for lunch and also supper
  • One glass of water after every hour

Perfect for: unisex

Dosage: one vial is prescribed to be taken in a single move, once or twice per week this is once in each three days

United States of manufacture: India

Within the box: advocated dosage is one set (one vial, one 2ml ampule, and one-5ml ampule) per day. the interval maybe one or two in a week depending on the advice of the skin professional.

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