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St Dalfour Blue Ultimate

2,800.00 2,500.00

St Dalfour BLUE ULTIMATE Skin Whitening Cream – Imported from Kuwait – 100% Original

This is complete natural product PROVEN & TESTED..!!!
No harmful ingredients such as Mercury, Bleach, Hydrophone etc.
Sure results in 2 weeks.
You can use it against Freckles, old pimples scars, yellow spotted skin, blackheads, wrinkles, skin allergy, dark underarms and all other skin blemishes and impurities.
You will get result as fairer dearer and more beautiful complexion, radiant face.
It can be used in any part of your body.
Original Filipina Beauty Whitening Cream
The elements and properties of Filipina Logo are very similar to Red M Formula and at the same time it is less oily.
Dalfour Filipina beauty cream helps in lighten and soften your skin.
100% safe,Healthy& Natural, without any side affects.



NOTE: Whitening products will show their maximum benefit after 8 weeks as the pigments that are present in the skin break down and are reabsorbed by the body. After 8 weeks switch to a maintenance schedule. Extended daily use beyond 8 weeks is contraindicated.

Combination of natural fruit & seaweed extract found only in the Middle East. Active Ingredients: Barberry extract, Vitamin E, Sun block, Organic Milk & Moisturizer.
Apply to skin daily in the evening. For best results use in conjunction with a whitening soap.


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